Dr Chijioke “Cejai” Madugwulike

Director of Music

“Big” not only describes this 6ft4in man but to a large extent, speaks to his love for a God who he fondly describes as being “Bigger than the biggest”
Cejai as he is popularly called, tells a story from his childhood, that points to the fact, that his musicianship truly is a gift from God.

Born in Nigeria to a pair of amazing, God loving parents and having just one sibling: a sister, the daily early morning family prayer meetings were usually a small affair with a crowd of four. Cejai remembers being asked nicely by his parents not to bother with the singing so as not to pursue the Spirit of God and rather allow his vocally blessed sister lead the songs but deep in his heart, he longed to sing.
Now after nearly two decades of being a member and leading diverse music groups, Cejai realises that his simple prayer to God asking, that God equip him to sing for him has indeed been abundantly answered.

With a wide vocal range and an uncanny nimble swagger for a man his size, Chijioke is energetic and passionate about his praise and worship for God.
He is loud and proud about his sentimental attachment to a God who has seen him and his family through diverse situations, repeatedly bringing them through with a quick and sure work wrought through his infallible and indefatigable spoken WORD.
His creative wheels, well-oiled by the Psalmist’s anointing, make song and story writing a pleasure and a gift he greatly desires to share with all mankind.

Having worked in the past as a radio presenter and still working when called upon as a public speaker, Cejai is able to inject a true vibrancy in everything he is a part of.
His desire to see mankind rise to all they can be, has driven this medical doctor along public health paths where he calls upon the full arsenal of his gifting and experiences, to deliver to people the change they deserve, in order that they may live healthier and more fulfilling lives because in the end, its all about people.

Favorite books: The 360 degree leader, Rediscovering the Kingdom
Favorite authors: Myles Munroe, Francine Rivers, John Maxwell, Bishop TD Jakes.
Favorite sports: Volleyball, Track races
Favorite past time: Cooking, Dancing and Mentoring teenagers
Favorite places visited: New York City
Favorite bible teachers: Creflo Dollar, Tudor Bismark
Favorite preachers: Bishop TD jakes, Marvin Winans, Paul Adefarasin

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