Dr. Ndidi Anude

Compassionate and sensitive to the human condition are the words that best describe Dr Ndidi Anude. A soft spoken but passionate lady who is committed to lifting the downtrodden and energizing the church. She serves alongside her husband to provide overall leadership to the church.

Endowed with so much grace to wear many hats, she is a mother (raising two girls and a set of male triplets), a worship leader, counselor and women leader.  Her desire is to raise strong families and children who will affect their generation and make a real difference in the world.

Drawing from her training in Medicine and Public Health she also serves as the Executive Vice President of Soteria Foundation Inc., consisting of the Leadership Empowerment and Development (LEAD) Initiative, the Family Life And Marriage Enrichment (FLAME) Initiative, The Barnabas Group (TBG) and the International Partnership for African and Caribbean Health and Development (iPACHAD).

Favorite books: The Bible, The extraordinary life, The Lady her Lover and Her Lord, Dangerous Surrender-What Happens When You Say Yes to God.
Favorite authors: Max Lucado.
Favorite sports: Swimming and Tennis
Favorite past time: Hanging out with her family
Favorite places visited: Jamaica, The Bahamas, and Barbados
Favorite bible teachers: Derek Prince
Favorite preachers: Dr Chuka Anude, Bishop TD jakes and Myles Monroe

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