Directorate of Evangelism, Outreach and Community Engagement

Partnering with the Holy Spirit, we reach the unreached preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, and provide resources to feed our local community.

Directorate of First Impressions

We create a warm, friendly, and safe atmosphere for all members and visitors who come to soteria church.

Directorate of Retention and Membership

We welcome our visitors, and create membership classes to introduce our vision and core values to intending members.

The Directorate of Worship and Creative Arts

We create a corporate environment of worship, employing music, dance and drama to glorify God.

The Directorate of Multi-Media

We handle the audio and visual requirements of our services, to enhance the worship experience.

So-KK (Soteria King’s Kids)

We create an environment to help our children grow spiritually. Divided into classes based on age, we train their hearts, heads, and hands to be all that God has made them to be.


We are the Youth Ministry of Soteria Church. We strive to build a people who will enforce the kingdom of God in all spheres of life.

The Directorate of Finance [Chayil]

Drawn from the Hebrew word ‘Chayil” which can be translated to mean “wealth” “efficiency” “strength” in English, our mission is to be and to teach God's people to be effective stewards of financial and material resources to the glory of God.

The Directorate of Operations and Management Systems

We manage the staff of Soteria Church, providing oversight for administration, transportation, security and facility custodians.

The Directorate of Missions, Church Planting, and International Relations

We are the arm of Soteria Church in charge of external mission affairs, global humanitarian activities, and Missionaries Supports. We work with well-established partners globally to provide financial and material resources to individuals and organizations as part of outreach drives across the world.

The Directorate of Family Life and Marriage Enrichment (FLAME)

By providing educational pre-marital counseling sessions, relationship seminars and various family-life events, we raise, renew, and reinforce healthy marriages, healthy families and empower parents and guardians to nurture champion children


SoCARE is the Soteria Church life group system: SoCITH (Soteria Church in the Home) is our home-based small group system, that allows members gather locally, fellowship and study scriptures. SoLIGS (Soteria Life Groups) is our cross-sectional small groups centered around common themes including but not limited to careers pursuits, age, and life interests.

Directorate of Discipleship and Prayer

We are the Church that cares, and we are also a church deeply and intentionally committed to prayer. You are gladly welcome to join us in our daily dawn prayer meetings, weekly Friday meetings, or unique prayer retreats.

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