Men and Women's Fellowship

Daniel's Men

The Daniel’s Men is the Men’s Fellowship of Soteria Church. We strive to create an interactive forum for men to come together, interact, disciple each other, and grow together as men, focusing on scriptural foundations of who a man truly is. We encourage each other to form relationships and bonds that challenge and equip us to become the brothers, sons, husbands, and fathers who like Daniel are faithful, always responsible, and completely trustworthy in all that God has put in our hands.


Translated “Masterpiece” from the Greek, is the Women’s Ministry of Soteria Church. We believe that every woman is a masterpiece - the very best of God’s design, created in His image, a wonderful reflection of God our Father, women of inestimable worth and significance created by Almighty God for His pleasure. As masterpieces of God, while appreciating our external beauty, we know our worth is based on being indwelt by the Spirit of God and constantly being renewed through the mirror of God’s Word

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